Laser Technik ltd server status page

Current issues

In no issues are identified below but you have a problem, please contact us ASAP in order that we can start to address your issue and check that it is isolated to you (and if not, post an update below).

30 Jan 2015 Ghost bug update. All web sites and email should now be working (since late evening on Thursday). Please phone/email if you still have a problem.

29 Jan 2015 Ghost bug. You may recall media coverage some months ago about what the press called "the Heartbleed bug". Hackers are constantly trying to find and exploit security weaknesses in commercial web servers. We got through that one unscathed. However another similar problem has just emerged called "the Ghost vulnerability". This is causing our primary server some grief. Since late on Thursday most of the websites on that server have been offline. As soon as the problem was identified the engineers were alerted and have been working to fix it. Currently the underlying software bug has been eliminated but there is more work to do to get the individual websites back on-line.

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